TCI provides Jewish resources, student leadership opportunities, and cultural programming on independent high school campuses.  By working directly with the schools, TCI creates and provides compelling content for Jewish student clubs, all-school programming, classrooms and inter-school activities. Each program is designed to engage students and their peers by making it easy to participate and inclusive to all. TCI focuses on creating opportunities for leadership training, exploration of identity and service learning - all experienced through a Jewish lens.

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The TCI Model:

  • Meet students where they are – geographically and emotionally
  • Engage students in all of their  environments - classrooms, clubs, assemblies, service learning projects and field‐trips
  • Reach the people students trust and respect - teachers, deans, chaplains, diversity directors and service‐learning coordinators
  • Create an intellectual discourse and high-caliber programs 
  • Ground Jewish learning in multicultural theory and practice
  • Promote process‐based learning over outcome‐based learning – encourage critical thinking rather than forced knowledge

    TCI programs are supported by The Samuel Bronfman Foundation, The Charles Crane Family Foundation, The Harry Weinberg Family Foundation and other donors.

For more information, please contact Zack Pomerantz zpomerantz@cjebaltimore.org or

CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. www.associated.org