Shevet Achim

School Twinning Program


For over ten years, CJE facilitated Gesher Chai Beit HaSefer for 9 schools in each community. The Baltimore Ashkelon Partnership of the Associated has generously funded a brand new school twinning model called Shevet Achim. Shevet Achim benefits from the support of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) who currently help manage 500 school twinning relationships. We will be cultivating relationships between 5 schools in each community and will have access to a library of resources and teaching tools, professional training and the establishment of a common language of Israel and Jewish engagement. Schools interested in applying to participate in Shevet Achim should contact Gabrielle Burger or 410.735.5000410.735.5000.

Translated excerpt from Identity card / Dudu Barak

 I came from the Torah, a Hebrew slave

 I came from the Exile, a solitary Jew

 Here I am but an alienated Israeli

 So I ask myself: what is my essence?


 If only a Hebrew – then Hebrew I'll speak

 If just a Jew – in poetic ladino

 And if I am a native of this land

 Then 77 languages shall I speak.


 What do you say then, my friend?

 Am I a Hebrew, maybe Jewish?

 Am I an Israeli or merely a human being?

 Am I nameless and landless and nation-deprived?

 Together you and I –

 An Ethiopian,


 And Polish,

 Russian and Yemenite

 A thousand remotes

 Together in eternity - 



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