Odessa is situated 275 miles south of Kiev with a population of apporximately 1.2 million.  In the 19th centery Odessa was a vibrant Jewish cultural and religious center in the Ukraine, but under the Communist regine, this dynamic Jewish community was crippled, and then almost obliterated during World War II.  Following the collapse of Communisum, JDC began assisting the community in its efforts to reclaim its Jewish identity and return Jewish culture to the city.  Odessa has now become a vibrant ommunity with a wealth of programs that encourage Jews to recapture their heritage.


Tweens Read
Tweens and their families in Baltimore and Odessa are matched and provided with a PJ Our Way chapter book.  Tweens and their families will discuss the book and its Jewish values over Skype, WhatsApp and email and build a lifetime of connection to each other.  Funded by the Baltimore Odessa Partnership.

Find out more by reading blogs from our educators that participated in our Educator's mission to Odessa that took place in November 2017.

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Resources about Odessa that may be borrowed from the Library at the Mack Center for Jewish Education.

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