New financial partnership established!

The Center for Jewish Education has been committed to offering new opportunities to the community’s members ever since its beginnings. The Grants & Funding Opportunities have included various projects, scholarships, and stipends. Now, we can enlarge this activity, with the help of a new partnership established with Same Day Loans 365.

What is the partnership about?

We have been looking for ways of growing our funds so that we can further direct them to the members in need of them. In search of trustworthy partners, we have picked SameDayLoans365 as a leading financial company.

The organization’s primary business is to offer loans to the people in need. But it doesn't limit to that.

  • Provides financial education on its website
  • Teaches its customers on being financially responsible
  • Gets involved in sponsorships and funding
  • Offers scholarships

Now the members of the CJE will benefit from even more funds and grants because SameDayLoans365 will be offering them.

What programs does the partnership involve?

The complete list of programs that will be funded by SameDayLoans365 and the CJE will be presented later down the road. Yet, the programs will include some of the following activities.

  1. Increasing the number of people that are involved in Jewish education
  2. Offering stipends to full-time teachers
  3. Providing professional development stipends
  4. Promoting disability and inclusion services
  5. Enhancing family engagement

SameDayLoans365 will deliver the funds after getting acknowledged with each project in full detail. If any of our members have ideas about projects that might improve the situation in the domains as mentioned above and others that are important to the CJE, we encourage them to start working on the projects’ creation and writing.

Who will be joining the programs’ funding?

The CJE will receive funds from SameDayLoans365 and other partners, including the Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, the Charles Crane Family Foundation, and other relevant organizations.

We are looking forward to implementing our projects in the community.

CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.