Thanks to the Jewish Captioning Initiative, these Jewish videos now have accurate captions:

** These organizations received grant money from the CJE Access grant to offset the cost of captioning

Check out this article from Hamodia

While correcting auto captions, our team of volunteers spotted these funny Captioning Bloopers…

"With the frosted tips, and the hair, and these huge golden magen davids" <- “With the frosted tips, and the hair, and these huge golden mug and RV's"

"I am a soferet stam" <- "I am a so ferrets, Tom."

"When you are the president of the Hillel at your coIIege" <- "When you are the present of the Halal liquor college"

Good Deeds Day 2018
On National Good  Deeds Day, volunteers in Maryland and Rhode Island gave of their time to add captions to several Jewish videos.


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