JTown Players

JTown Players
A Play-Based Jewish Experiential Learning Fellowship
Offered By the The Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education

The Macks Center for Jewish Education is building a cohort of JTown Players! Participants in this special group will have a chance to learn together about an enterprising and cutting-edge approach to Jewish experiential education while developing their theatrical, imaginative play and creative community-building skills.

About JTown

JTown, an innovative play space for young children located at the Park Heights JCC in Baltimore, is designed as a miniature Jewish cultural village that encourages children and their caregivers to engage in both free-play and organized activities. Children can explore a construction zone, vet’s office, bagel shop, kosher grocery store, Jewish home, synagogue and more with materials and activities that are age-appropriate, enticing and unique to JTown.

The JTown team has determined that families maximally benefit when facilitators engage them in programmatic content. This dynamic facilitation does not compete with the play space but rather enriches the interactive experience, distinguishing JTown from an indoor playground and highlighting its pedagogic potential as a Jewish cultural village.

Who Is the Ideal JTown Player?

We encourage you to apply to this fellowship if you:

  • are interested in children’s dramatic play, craft facilitation and early childhood education;
  • possess strong creative and empathic interpersonal skills;
  • have a basic foundation of Jewish knowledge, especially regarding Jewish holidays and traditions;
  • are comfortable with role play and dynamic, energetic engagement;
  • can effectively engage with both children and caregivers in a community-building capacity; and
  • want to be equipped with innovative pedagogic practices that can reach families beyond the scope and physical space of JTown.

Fellowship Structure

The JTown Players would attend two two-hour orientation sessions led by JTown Jewish Education Coordinator Teri Jedeikin and special guest educators. Fellows’ time would then be spent assisting in and leading JTown programming, engaging families in imaginative play as “characters” in JTown, and helping promote programs and services to JTown guests. They will also participate in creative brainstorming sessions to enhance and add to JTown infrastructure and programs.

In addition to new knowledge and skills, JTown players will receive an honorarium of $360 (post-tax). Volunteer credit hours could be earned if students are able to access them through their schools or universities.

The fellowship will begin with a pilot cohort in Winter 2017. It is 12-week internship with a two-hour weekly commitment.


Apply here! Applications must be submitted by November 30th.

For more information contact Gabrielle Burger at 410-735-5004 or gburger@cjebaltimore.org.

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