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29 November
The story of the Jewish people was transformed on November 29, 1947 when thirty-three countries declared their support for a Jewish state during the U.N. vote on partition.  This miraculous event was instrumental in Israel gaining statehood and was nothing short of a modern-day miracle. This page will serve as a resource for individuals, families, and educators who are looking for ideas for commemorating the day and additional exciting activities and resources for learning about Israel.
Check out our 29 November site

Macks Center for Jewish Education Library
Visit the CJE Library to access over 1,700 items (books and videos) that are Hebrew language or Israel related. Our craft room also includes die-cuts to make Hebrew language or Israel related games. Stop by HaKerem, our gift shop, which features some Israeli products. For more information, visit our library and resource page.

Tweens Read
Tweens and their families in Baltimore and Ashkelon are matched and provided with a PJ Our Way chapter book.  Tweens and their families will discuss the book and its Jewish values over Skype, WhatsApp and email and build a lifetime of connection to each other.  Funded by the Baltimore Ashkelon Partnership.

Baltimore Shinshinim
Based out of the CJE, the shinshinim serve as informal educators, adding value to existing programs and helping to create new programs connecting various populations in the community to Israel.
Visit the Shinshinim page or Facebook for more information.

Israel Educator Community of Practice
We believe that at the heart of engaging and meaningfu Israel Education, are Israel Educators who are deeply knowledgeable, specifically skilled, and nuanced in their apporach.  To that end we convene Israel educators several times a year to discuss complexity and struggle in teaching Israel while reinforcing the foundation of love and emotional attachment to it.  We also provide and help send educators to differnet educational opportunities.

Shevet Achim – School Twinning program
Five schools in Baltimore and Five schools in Ashkelon, our sister city in Israel collaboratively engage students and teachers to develop personal bonds based on relationships and shared Jewish values. For more information, visit the Shevat Achim page.

Families with young children in Baltimore and Ashkelon, our sister city in Israel, connect through the love or reading and acts of loving kindness (volunteerism). The families meet on both side of the ocean and read similar books, volunteer in the community and share their experience by emailing and skyping each other.
Contact Stacy Jarvis to join the program: or call 410.735.5037
See news on our PJ ABC Page.

IAC Keshet Sfarim
Children's books in Hebrew mailed to your home monthly. Contact Amalia Phillips to join the program: or 410.735.5014

Israel High
The CJE seeks to prepare high school students for the anti-semitism and anti-Israel sentiment that is likely to confront them on their college campuses. By drawing on the most effective international organizations that train students and informal educators, we will ensure that Baltimore’s students have a strong sense of Jewish identity, have the tools and resources to feel confident and proud, and have educators and professionals who are trained to support them in their journeys to college. Learn more on the Israel High Page.

Community Fund for Israel Experiences (CFIE)
The CJE encourages Baltimore teens to travel to Israel as a way to enhance and grow Jewish identity. CJE is proud to administer the Community Fund for Israel Experiences (CFIE), established by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.  CFIE provides limited, need-based scholarships to high-school and first year post-high school students who are residents of Baltimore City or Baltimore County. For more information, visit the CFIE page.

Visit our gift shop, which features Israeli products such as books, posters and games. For more information, visit the HaKerem page.

Curious to know what happened this week in Israeli History?
Visit the Center for Israel Education for a bite-sized taste of Israeli history, served up daily.

CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.