Disability and Inclusion Services

The Macks Center for Jewish Education is committed to enhancing the connection to life and learning of individuals with special needs, so that they can more fully participate in the Jewish community. Through CJE’s work, these individuals develop their Jewish educational, spiritual, cultural, social and religious lives. CJE works with local school systems, Federal programs and other area non-profit organizations to help parents of students with special needs find the resources and connections they need to assist their children.

The Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education is pleased to inform you of a new community resource.  The Jill Fox Memorial Fund, Inc. is partnering with the Macks Center for Jewish Education to provide grants to individuals with unmet medical and healthcare needs that are not paid by other sources (e.g. medical insurance, government agencies, health associations, community organizations, public or personal resources).  

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B'More Inclusive B’More Inclusive is a disAbility awareness program with a Jewish lens that highlights the desire of every person to be accepted. The experiences address the longing of every person to have a friend and the ability of every person to shine.

With an attitude of respect for every student as a contributing member of the class, teachers are empowered to determine what each child needs to be successful.

B’More Inclusive has been facilitated in schools and camps across the spectrum of Jewish Baltimore since 2015. The Macks Center for Jewish Education offers this one-hour workshop for back-to-school staff meetings at your school or in one of the comfortable meeting spaces in our facility.

Contact Yael Zelinger for more information.

Guides CJE wants to help you jump start a conversation about special needs, disability awareness, inclusion and diversity that can last all year long.

Please share your thoughts, successes or challenges with us. 

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Gesher LaTorah literally means, “A bridge to the Torah,” and is the CJE’s dynamic community-based Jewish special education program serving students with significant special needs between the ages of four and 21. Students are usually enrolled in a self-contained classroom and have special needs including autism, developmental disabilities, language disabilities or physical challenges.

TAG: Torah, Avoda and Gmilut Chassadim CJE’s adult learning program for people with disabilities is TAG. TAG stands for Torah, Avodah and Gimilut Chasadim, which means Bible study; prayer and work; and acts of kindness and goodwill. The young adults in this program meet weekly to connect to their Jewish heritage and community. 

MDSNAP: Maryland Special Needs Advocacy Project  provides free educational advocacy and information to families of children with special needs. Assistance with Individualized Education Plan & Individualized Family Services Plan. Parent advisors will share information, help find community resources, and attend IEP/IFSP meetings. Child Find referral form available on the web page. All calls are confidential.

JADE strives to raise the level of awareness in the community about the needs of Jewish people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Here are services available through JADE:

Workshops on deaf awareness help educate and sensitize people who interact with deaf people.  One popular workshop is "How to Best Communicate with People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (Including some fun signs!)" This is a special workshop tailored to your organization's needs and is available at no charge for school staff, students, organizations and agency staff professional development.

JADE advocates for the inclusion of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing by encouraging anyone running a Jewish community event to offer an interpreter by adding this line to promotional materials:
"A sign language or oral interpreter is available upon request one week prior to the event".

STARS Student Testing Assistance Referrals & Support program (STARS) provides subsidized testing for children with special needs.

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CJE is a proud member of the Baltimore Jewish Abilities Alliance.  The BJAA assists families in finding the programs and services they need for their loved ones with different abilities, strengthening their connection and enabling them to more fully participate in their communities.


CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. www.associated.org