Deafblind Shabbaton


Misson Statement
The mission of the Deafblind Shabbaton is to provide a fully accessible Shabbat experience for Jews of all backgrounds living with dual hearing and vision loss. The experience is meant to educate and empower the participants to socialize and connect meaningfully with Judaism and with fellow Jewish participants and staff.


To date, four Shabbaton experiences have taken place, all at the Pearlstone Retreat Center in Maryland. The opportunity to meet and learn from other Deafblind Jews has made meaningful impressions on all participants. Every aspect of the Shabbaton is Deafblind-friendly. All traditional blessings for Kiddush, Challah and Havdalah are simultaneously recited in Hebrew, ASL and tactile American Sign Language through trained interpreters. Plus, we have a full staff of volunteer SSPs (Special Service Providers) all weekend.


View photos from the first Shabbaton - 2010


View photos from the second Shabbaton  - 2011 "L'Chaim! The Circle of Life"


View photos from the third Shabbaton - 2013 "Israel"

View photos from the fourth Shabbaton - 2015 "Chicken Soup for the Jewish DeafBlind Soul"

View photos from the fifth Shabbaton - 2017  "Building a Jewish Deafblind Community"

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Planning committee:
Sheryl Cooper
Sara Leah Kovacs
David Michalowski
Sheryl Michalowski
Yael Zelinger  

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