Day Schools

The Macks Center for Jewish Education offers opportunities for school professionals and educators to learn best practices to promote institutional excellence and achieve student success. The CJE’s programs include engaging workshops, leadership and curriculum cohorts, technology networks and more.

Mariposa Child Success Program (MCSP) is a unique and effective program for managing student relationships and reducing disruptive student behavior, including bullying.  Its mission is to help children succeed by accelerating their development of social–emotional competence and social-emotional skills and thereby further their academic achievement and realization of healthy and productive lives as adults.

Mariposa’s core training program for educators involve eight, two hours sessions spaced one or two weeks apart, and on line coaching between sessions.

Contact Amian Kelemer or 410.735.5007 for more information.

Jewish New Teacher Project (JNTP)

Nationally affiliated mentorship program for educators in local day schools: includes day school principals cohort and local mentorship initiative. 

New Administrators' Cohort
The fee for schools to participate is $1500/administrator

Mentorship Program
The fee for schools is $1700/mentor teacher to participate in the program (highly subsidized by CJE) and CJE will also provide a stipend of $1000 for the mentor. This is an annual fee/stipend and the program lasts for two years.

For interest in the Mentorship program: Complete the application here.

Jerusalem EdTech Solutions (JETS)

Jerusalem EdTech Solutions (JETS) Israel is an Educational Technology cohort facilitated by experts in the field, which includes educational applications in Judaic instruction.  Participants in the cohort will learn to integrate educational technology in the classroom to enhance curriculum following an in-person evaluation of the educational technology being used at the school. Additional coaching sessions with facilitators will occur over the year to assist with implementation.


Sara Wokenfeld, Director of Education at Sefaria is going to be visiting Baltimore during the dates of January 27-29 and March 22-25. Sara is here to help the Baltimore Jewish community to access texts and build capacities to use Sefaria as a resource. Sefaria has great advanced tools designed for the classroom. During these days, Sara is available to visit your school for both learning with students and sessions for teachers on educational best-practices with Sefaria. For questions or to book Sara to come visit your school or institution- please reach out to Eli Bass - This service is FREE OF CHARGE.

Professional Development Workshops
CJE presents a wide-variety of professional development workshops to meet day school educators’ ever-changing needs. Programs address relevant topics including parent communication, class management, assessment, instruction, content and the needs of diverse families.
CEUs are available, when possible.

Funding for professional development opportunities>> 

CJE is an agency funded by THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.