Commemorate 29Nov

9 Ways to Commemorate 29November

1. Celebrate

Sing, Dance, and Party!  During the U.N. Partition vote, Jews huddled anxiously around radios awaiting news of the results.  When the miraculous news was announced, Jews took to the streets in song and dance to celebrate the momentous miracle they had just witnessed.  Celebrating 29November allows us the opportunity to capture the overwhelming joy of a Jewish state. 

Attend an Israel themed event in honor of 29November and celebrate the miracle! 

Every Jew Should Know This Day

Click here to watch Israelis celebrating the 29November miracle

Click here to watch the CJE's "My Israel: Collaborative Puzzle Art Project and Installation

Learn more about Yom Ha'Atzmaut and Yom Ha'Zikaron

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2. Advocate

Contact your congressmen and encourage them to continue to support legislation that will strengthen American and Israeli security.

Prior to the U.N. vote on Partition, American Jews lobbied aggressively to sway the United States into supporting the plan.  These advocacy efforts greatly influenced the United States’ stance towards Israel and have dramatically impacted Jewish history.  We acknowledge the importance of advocating for Israel through the legislative system ad the power that it has to influence US-Israel relations.

Join Israel Forever in "signing" the Balfour Declaration
Click here to view AIPAC’s legislative agenda and contact your congressmen.
Click here to view ADL’s “Guide to Advocating for Israel."
Click here to view BJC positions and resolutions.

3. Dedicate

Remember the 29November miracle by dedicating a few minutes to commemorate the moment.  There are many different ways to honor the time, whether it be lighting a candle, reading an Israeli poem, or saying a prayer for the State of Israel.  Find a way that feel meaningful to you and dedicate the moment. 

Click here to download the 29November ceremony for Chanukkah
Click here to download the prayer for the State of Israel

Watch videos of ceremonies for flying the Israeli flag, lowering the Israeli flag, and torch lighting on the sites below and see if you can re-enact these to honor Israel, the fallen soldiers and other important occasions.

Video 1
Video 2

Video 3
MP3 1

MP3 2

For more from the Israel Scouts, click here

An honor guard is made up of a group of people, usually members of the military, that promote activities which honor a person or mark an occassion.

Video 1
More Videos

4. Publicize the Miracle

Share your #29November activities on social media and with friends to show your support for Israel and your appreciation for the miracle of statehood.

The Chanukkah custom of lighting candles is rooted in the notion of “pirsuma d’nisa,” literally “publicizing the miracle.”  The UN vote for partition on November 29, 1947 was instrumental in Israel gaining statehood and was nothing short of a modern-day miracle. The 29November miracle is linked to the miracle of the oil that burned for the Maccabees as key moments in Jewish history that transformed the physical, spiritual and political identity of the Jewish people.  Therefore, we recognize the importance of publicizing the miracle of 29November through social media and with friends.

Click here to join the #29November campaign
Look on our Facebook on November 9 for a special surprise!

5. Eat

Treat yourself to your favorite Israeli food.  Falafel.  Shwarma.  Hummus.  Shakshouka.  Bamba.  Za’atar.  Halva.  The list goes on.  Whether eating these treats means going out to an Israeli restaurant or getting busy in the kitchen, indulge in these foods that we know and love. 

Click here to check out Israeli foods at local restaurants and stores
Click here for see “15 Recipes for Israeli Food Fans”
Click here to watch “People Try Israeli Food for the First Time”
Click here to browse Israeli cooking ideas on Pinterest

Click here to learn how to create a Yom Ha'Atzmaut Seder
Throw a Jewish Thanksgiving Seder
Have an Israeli-food themed picnic
Ushpizin- Invite Israeli heroes past and present to your Shabbat table or to your Sukkah this year.

6. Contribute

Commit to contributing at least $18 to an organization that works towards supporting Israel.  American philanthropic support was an essential building block in Israel’s road to statehood and remains an important endeavor in the continued success of Israel.  There are many different Israeli causes that you can support.  Whether it is planting trees or sending care packages to Israeli soldiers, find a cause that speaks to you and support!

Volunteering is one of the best ways to collaborate with those organizations and causes that speak to you. Volunteering helps raise the next generation of citizen caretakers and stewards. Send us photos of your class, or individual students and teachers volunteering in the community!

The following sites can help you find a meaningful project:

JVC Website

JVC Teen Programs

Associated Calendar



Yahel Israel Service Learning

7. Watch

Watch movies about Israel or movies made in Israel:

Exodus (1960)

Above and Beyond (2014)

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Sallah Shabati

History Films from the Israeli Film Center

The Birth of Israel

Israel's War History

סוף העולם שמאלה לצפייה ישירה עם תרגום... - תפוז בלוגים

Zionism history videos: Register (for free) to watch excellent 5-minute movies about the history of the Jewish State.  To get a preview, the latest one can be watched without registering, by clicking here.

8. Learn

Whether you devote your learning to Israel, Hebrew, or other Jewish topics, continuing to learn is an important aspect of commemorating 29 November.

Participate in the U.S. National Bible Contest (Chidon HaTanach)
Practice your Hebrew by signing up with Sifriyat Pijama B'America
Share the joy of learning with children you know by sharing this link to
PJ Library's free books
Explore the iCenter for Israel Education, which works to advance high-quality, meaningful, and innovative Israel education
Check out resources from Makom Israel
Listen to podcasts from Aluf Benn, Editor-in-chief of Haaretz

9. Support Israel's Economy

Buying Israeli products is a fun and yet important way to stand with Israel. Educate others on the importance of purchasing Israeli products, many of which are central to our every day lives. Advocate against the boycott of Israeli goods.

10 brands you'll have to give up if you're boycotting Israel
Buy Israel-themed classroom goods or products made in Israel
Shop Israeli Goods

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