“Shnat Sherut - Year of Service”

The Macks Center for Jewish Education is proud to oversee Baltimore’s Shinshinim program. A “shinshin” is an 18-year-old Israeli emissary sent by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency for Israel to communities abroad with the goal of educating people of all ages about Israel and Israeli culture.

The vision and mission of the ShinShinim program is to bring ruach Yisraelit (Israeli spirit) to the people with whom they work and provide informal programming to build Jewish identity and educate children and adults about the Jewish homeland.

The "ShinShinim" program strengthens Israel and Diaspora relations through the strong people to people connections that the program cultivates.

The goals of the "ShinShinim" program are:

  • To build a solid relationship between the community and Israel by nurturing a real personal connection between young Israelies and Baltimore area Jews
  • To encourage members of our community to see Israel as an integral and crucial piece of our Jewish identity
  • To move people from a simple love to a more complex understanding of and pride in Israel (as reinforced through the hugging and wrestling educational approach.
For more information, please contact Smadar Haika-Fox at 410-735-5035 or

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