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Reflections from Italy

A blog post by Bobbie Luterman, Brenda Schuman, and Melissa Lebowitz, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Preschool.


March 20, 2012

"Curtain Call - Act 1....Ladies and Gentleman, we would like to present the children of Reggio Emilia!!!

Slowing Down

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education.

jensen.jpgLast weekend I left my iPhone 4 on a plane. After the initial panic, it felt a little free-ing, traveling for the next 8 hours without a cell phone.  But once I got home, when reality hit, I was at such a loss. My husband let me borrow his iPhone 3 for a little while. That was a mixed blessing.  I loved having a phone again, but was surprised at how irritated I became while using it.  It took almost 15 seconds to load my emails, as compared to MY phone which does it in less than 5.  That 10 second time difference might as well have been 10 minutes.

Being Kids

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

jensen.jpgI love when articles like this one come across my desk.  In the never ending battle for allowing children to be children, we hear stories daily about someone's three year old who just read "War and Peace", only to hear the one-up story of the four year old who reviewed it on his blog.  It's wonderful to read articles and op-eds from real parents who understand that raising children means allowing them to be comfortable in every age and stage of their young little lives.

Why 5 Pounds of Flour Trumps Playdoh, Legos and Batman

A blog post by DJ Schneider Jensen, Director of Early Childhood Education

I saw this video on Monday and had two simultaneous thoughts:

1.  Oy. and

2.  What a great representation of hands on learning!

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all bring in 5 pound bags of flour and encourage  our young children to redecorate the living room, however, think about everything this experience taught these little guys. ages 1 and 3.

·       Bringing the new bag of flour into the living room (Gross motor, negotiation skills and cooperation)

What's New This Year?

A blog post by Autumn Sadovnik, Director of Professional Development.


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